45 Epic And Hilarious Airport Sightings That Will Make Your Day

Only a few people have private jets, and as long as you’re using a commercial airline for travel, be prepared for the stress that comes with it. The chances are that it won’t be a very smooth experience, but you may be lucky to witness some of the epic rarities that could happen at the airport, and trust us, it’s a soothing change of pace.

Most times, we only get to see these hilarious events in pictures because they don’t happen every day. Here are some of those once-in-a-lifetime sightings to be had at the airport that should be savored forever.

The Kissing Booth

So, this airport had had enough! There must be a hilarious backstory associated with this sign. We can only imagine that people showing affection at that spot went on long enough to disrupt the airport.

Being at the airport could mean different things for different people. It could be that you’re just seeing a loved one after a long time of being apart, or they are just about to leave, and you won’t get to see them in a long time, maybe it’s a partner or a spouse. Emotions will surely be all over the place, and three minutes may not be enough.

Initiate Do Not Disturb

Someone may need to check that he is breathing okay, but other than that, this passenger has mastered the art of flying solo. He has completely cut off any form of communication with the outside world in his little self-quarantined space, and with the world in a pandemic state, he is dishing out essential pointers.

On a lighter note, some passengers just like to remain in their own world with no disturbance during their flight, and we can respect that. Shutting your eyes and plugging into music is a therapy of its own.

The Joke’s On You

It’s prevalent for flyers to look for charging outlets at the airport to keep their phones juiced up before their flights, especially those going on long flights. If you’ve ever been in that situation, you can imagine how furious you would be to find out a socket you’ve been eyeing to use is a prank outlet.

Tricks like this may be more common than you’d realize because it’s pretty easy to get a sticker like that. He’s likely not the only one who has fallen for a prank like this, and it’s also probably why no one had occupied that spot.

Blind Leads Blind

Pilots may seem superhuman because of how great the task of operating an aircraft is, but they are regular humans just like you and us. In our present world, where everyone seems to have entered one battle for equality or the other, how would you respond to letting a blind man fly the plane you are boarding?

This pilot pulled the scariest of all pranks on the https://kesulitanitu.com passengers as he pretended to be blind. If the airline was overbooked and needed passengers to give up their seats, we can bet that the incentives wouldn’t be required to get volunteers once they saw their pilot! 

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